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Accident & Injury Care Las Vegas
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You don't have to call anyone else, or hunt for doctors who know what to do when you call Accident Injury Care. They know how to evaluate injuries, plus they have locations and appointment hours that will fit anyone's schedule.
                                                                                        Mike A 2017
This was my first accident. I did not know where to go or what to do. They explained the whole process and made me feel at ease. I got an appointment the same day. They took such good care of me! I highly recommend Accident Injury Care.
                                                                                        Terry M 2016
​We Can Help
No matter what your injuries may be, from minor to severe,  Las Vegas Accident Injury Care can help diagnose your injuries and help you recover from your accident injuries.

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 I was looking for Accident Care  in Las Vegas when I called this company. They helped me out tremendously! I would recommend them to anyone!
                                                                                     Johnny G 2015
Injured in A Traffic or Other Personal Injury Accident| call: 702.664.1225